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Communications and PR Executive

We are looking for someone to jump on board with our Marketing Team. Who is all about crafting compelling messages, building relationships, and thriving in a fast-paced environment. We are looking for a huge self-starter who can make informed judgments and flesh ideas out.  

We always and strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds and identities to apply. With each new hire, we look to diversify, strengthen our team, and be more purposeful about building our culture. On the other hand, we look to give you the opportunity to grow, do the most impactful work of your life tackling problems that matter while being happy doing it.

About the Job

The public relations (PR) executive is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating a company's communication strategy while also protecting the company’s reputation. The purpose of your work is to gain public understanding and support through planned campaigns directly for our users and the public. You will need to be confident & results-driven to design and implement a communication strategy that will create and maintain a positive public image of our brand. You will be responsible for managing all user communication touchpoints and developing campaigns with the marketing team to ensure that our brand remains top of mind.

Here’s an example of what your day to day at Quidax might look like:

  • Plan, implement and manage public relations strategies

  • Organize and manage various Public Relations activities

  • Measure performance of each activity and event

  • Use different channels to optimize campaign's reach and success internally and externally

  • Work within the marketing team to ensure match with the corporate brand

  • Research and gather opportunities for sponsorships & partnerships

  • Build and maintain relationships with journalists, influencers and key media personnel

  • Manage internal communications platforms

  • Promoting and maintaining the public’s perception of our brand through media coverage and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Managing and preventing reputational risk to our brand.

  • Drafting written, verbal, and visual content that will promote the public image of the business.

Job requirements

What you need to have

  • 5 Years of Comms & PR experience

  • Familiarity with customer communications software such as, sendgrid etc

  • A keen eye for aesthetics and details

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent copywriting skills

  • Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines

Nice to haves

Crypto experience

How to apply

Please send an application tailored to the role that speaks to us. A lot of people send in bland generic applications and it is easy and very helpful to stand out, especially when someone has been going through 100 applications, endeavour to make your application the breath of fresh air. We appreciate your great writing and you taking the time to put your application together.

We would most likely send you a test should you get through the application stage, please imagine you are already part of the team and walk us through your thinking about the problems we present.

What our hiring process looks like

It’s a 3-step quick process!

✅ Intro call with the recruiter

✅ 1hr call with the hiring team lead

✅ 45mins culture fit interview

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