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Talent Sourcer

Company Description

We work on establishing the platform to serve indefinite numbers of corporate and other business processes for B2B and looking for technology gurus to work on our complex FinTech/TechReg/LegalTech topic and who, like us, want to see these marvellous technologies (SSI: DID, VC, DIDCOMM, Smart Legal Contracts) around, in daily life.

We are looking for a Talent Sourcer, who would love the product like we do, and will find us the best-of-the-best team members available (and not available) on the market.

Job Description

  • Rock the recruitment scene by coming up with terrific strategies to attract top talent

  • Use your ninja-like skills to source and identify potential candidates through database analytics, networking, industry events, associations, communities, social media, etc.

  • Be the interviewer extraordinaire by conducting interviews to assess candidates' qualifications and fit for the organization

  • Share your wisdom and advice with hiring managers on the best practices for recruitment and selection

  • Be part of an amazing team that collaborates to ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process

  • Be the record-keeping guru by maintaining accurate candidate information and progress throughout the recruitment process

  • Analyze recruitment metrics like a boss to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment strategies and make recommendations for improvement

  • Be a brand ambassador and help us to develop our brand awareness

  • Stay on top of industry trends and best practices in talent acquisition to continuously improve our recruitment efforts


  • 2+ years of experience in active sourcing in a fast-paced environment in the tech industry.
  • Good knowledge of the EU and global markets and different sourcing tools/approaches.
  • Experience in designing and implementing effective sourcing tactics, and creative/"out of the box" solutions. 
  • Ability to find unique solutions to attracting, sourcing, closing, and retaining passive candidates.
  • Strong project management, presentation and organization skills.
  • Fluent English.

Additional Information

Why Truvity?

  • Be a part of something big - work on exciting projects with cutting-edge technologies.
  • We invest in your growth - because we want you to be the best you can be.
  • Meet people from all over the world - join our diverse and friendly team.
  • Work-life balance is important to us - so we offer flexible arrangements.
  • We've got your back when it comes to work equipment - top-notch gear to knock it out of the park in your role.
  • Work fully remote from anywhere in the world - because who wants to be stuck in an office?
  • We pay you what you deserve - no lowballing here!
  • Make a difference in the world - your work will impact people's lives in a meaningful way.

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