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Remote Jobs on AfriSplash Remotely

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Remote (Full remote)
Junior level Human Resource Manager


1. Proven experience as an HR leader with a focus on strategic HR management.

2. Strong understanding of HR best practices and current employment legislation.

3. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

4. Demonstrated success in talent acquisition and retention.

5. Strategic mindset with the ability to contribute to organizational growth.

Job role

1. Develop and implement HR policies and procedures aligned with organizational goals.

2. Oversee recruitment and talent acquisition processes to attract top-tier candidates.

3. Lead employee relations, addressing concerns, and cultivating a positive workplace culture.

4. Design and execute employee development and training programs.

5. Manage performance evaluation systems and provide guidance on career development.

6. Ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.

7. Collaborate with senior leadership to align HR initiatives with business objectives.

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