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Social Media Content Marketer

Are you a seasoned social media superhero with a passion for driving organic growth? We're on the hunt for a skilled content marketer who excels in platforms like Twitter/X to spearhead the expansion of Sellfy's social media accounts and creator-focused podcast "Careers 2.0"

We're searching for an experienced social media content marketer (mostly experienced in Twitter/X) to organically grow our company channel and podcast.

About Us:

At Sellfy, we are champions of creativity, empowering creators around the world to transform their passions into thriving businesses. We understand that every creative endeavor holds boundless potential, and we're dedicated to providing the tools, platform, and support needed to turn dreams into reality.

Recently, we introduced "Careers 2.0", a podcast that engages with accomplished creative entrepreneurs. Our mission is to highlight valuable insights and tactics of these creators, enabling others to learn from their journeys and expertise.

Role Overview:

As our Social Media Content Marketer, you'll be in charge of running our social media accounts - crafting compelling content, threads, fostering meaningful interactions with our audience, and seamlessly integrating into relevant conversations within our industry


  • Develop and execute captivating content strategies that resonate with our target audience.
  • Craft engaging and thought-provoking threads that leave a lasting impact.
  • Actively engage with followers, responding to comments, messages, and mentions.
  • Identify trending topics and tailor content to remain relevant and timely.
  • Collaborate closely with our talented designers and video editors to enhance content quality.
  • Take ownership of growth metrics, striving to attract new users and convert them into loyal customers.


  • Proven track record in leveraging Twitter/X for organic growth and engagement.
  • Creative flair that translates into compelling, shareable content.
  • Goal-oriented mindset with a demonstrated ability to drive results.
  • Strong understanding of social media analytics and metrics.
  • A person with an unwavering passion for staying on top of industry trends.


  • A dynamic work environment that embraces innovative thinking.
  • Access to top-notch tools and resources to fuel your creativity.
  • The autonomy to make impactful decisions and lead the charge.
  • A dedicated team who value your expertise.

Note: If you're someone who thrives on receiving guidance, this role might not be for you. We're in search of a trailblazer who can teach us a thing or two, someone who's brimming with energy and unorthodox ideas that they're eager to put into action.

Ready to Ignite the Social Media Sphere? Join us in shaping the future of our brand by submitting your application today!

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