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Remote Jobs on AfriSplash Remotely

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Remote (Full remote)
Engineering Manager

Responsibilities will include

  • Collaborate with the Snaps Lead Engineers to ensure that the team is delivering on its roadmap
  • Directly manage and maintain close working relationships with all Snaps engineers
  • Mentor Snaps engineers and help them establish career development plans
  • Direct engineering hiring efforts for the Snaps team
  • Take ownership of the Snaps team's engineering processes and culture
  • Help maintain high morale and performance on the Snaps team
  • Advocate for the Snaps team in MetaMask-wide processes and initiatives
  • Establish systems for monitoring the health of the Snaps engineering team
  • Make development contributions so as to maintain "fluency" in the MetaMask Snaps codebase
  • Collaborate with Snaps Product and Program Managers to ensure roadmap is well understood and team is able to plan and execute on the expected outcomes
  • Partner with other Engineering Managers within MetaMask to drive the overall roadmap implementation forward and establish processes and practices that allow MetaMask to build and operate at a fast pace

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