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Remote (Full remote)
Senior Data Engineer

The problems you’ll solve 

  • Rebuilding systems to identify more efficient ways to process data. 
  • Automate the entire forecasting pipeline, including data collection, preprocessing, model training, and deployment,
  • Continuously monitor system performance and optimize data processing workflows to reduce latency and improve efficiency.
  • Set up real-time monitoring for data feeds to detect anomalies or issues promptly.
  • Utilize distributed computing and parallel processing to handle large-scale data
  • Design your data infrastructure to be scalable to accommodate future growth in data volume and sources.

You may be a fit for this role if

You have senior level experience within data engineering with primary focus using Python.

You have experience with cloud-based infrastructure (Kubernetes/Docker) and data services (GCP, AWS, Azure, et al) and data tooling. You have experience building data pipelines with a proven track record of delivering results that impact the business. You have experience working on complex large codebase with a focus on refactoring and enhancements. You have experience building data monitoring pipelines with a focus on scalability.

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