Remote Jobs on AfriSplash Remotely

Remote Jobs on AfriSplash Remotely

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Remote (Full remote)
DevOps Engineer


  • Develop and promote the use of fully automated CI & CD pipelines
  • Research and implement best practices to manage our infrastructure as code and automate cloud deployments.
  • Automate and streamline day-to-day business tasks and processes. Explore, test, and integrate new tools.
  • Support development of cost estimates, current cloud costs, and trending information for all cloud environments.
  • Work closely with our Security team to establish IAM best practices to control access to cloud resources.
  • Support the configuration of GCP

Work with other operations teams

  • Establish best practices to build, release and manage the configuration of production systems.
  • Assist in troubleshooting of cloud systems to solve problems across platform and application domains.
  • Research and propose cloud architecture and process improvements
  • Evaluate new cloud technology options and vendor products

Release Deployment.

  • Build high-quality distributed systems or backend services
  • Ensure critical system security through the use of best-in-class cloud security solutions.

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