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Lyriant Advisory
Remote (Full remote)
Remote Investigator

Position Overview:

As an Investigator, you will play a crucial role in conducting in-depth investigations, analyzing complex data, and delivering actionable intelligence to our esteemed clientele. You will collaborate with a diverse group of professionals, including legal experts, analysts, and researchers, to provide comprehensive investigative solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs.




-Perform thorough due diligence investigations on individuals, companies, and entities, uncovering potential risks and assessing reputational concerns.

-Conduct in-depth business intelligence research using various tools, databases, and open-source platforms to gather relevant information and identify key insights.

-Conduct fraud investigations to uncover fraudulent activities, including financial fraud, embezzlement, and misappropriation of assets.

-Trace and track assets, including cryptocurrencies, utilizing advanced investigative techniques and tools.

-Provide litigation support by gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and preparing comprehensive reports for legal proceedings.

-Conduct vendor compliance investigations to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, identify potential conflicts of interest, and mitigate third-party risks.

-Assess and analyze political risks, including geopolitical developments, policy changes, and regulatory landscapes, to assist clients in making informed business decisions.

-Collaborate with cross-functional teams to share knowledge, expertise, and insights for collective problem-solving and delivering comprehensive solutions to clients.

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