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Remote (Full remote)
Backend Engineer

About you

It's important to us that the person we hire will thrive in this role. Here are some core things we believe will set you up for success:

  • You have substantive professional experience with developing web services and understand the moving parts (DNS, HTTP, DBs, etc.). You have designed, built, and maintained projects and features that have been deployed to production.
  • You are familiar with Python, know both its strengths (and how to capitalize on them) and weak points (and how to work around them), and you’re able to argue about them. You follow the evolution of the Python ecosystem. You’ve also used at least one other programming language professionally.

You are familiar with OWASP Top 10 web app security risks and know how to avoid and mitigate them. You can assess the security implications of a pull request or an architectural decision.

  • You are familiar with MySQL or PostgreSQL and have experience with their quirks, weak spots and workarounds. You care about and understand the performance impact of SQL queries your code makes, and have experience assessing and optimizing their performance.
  • You feel at home in the Unix shell. You are familiar with grep, and sed or awk. You often write bash or Python scripts to automate your work.
  • You’ve written unit tests long enough to have a taste for what a good test looks like, are aware of current testing practices, and can argue about an approach’s merits and degenerate cases.
  • You understand the value and cost of abstraction, are versed in current architectural practices, and judiciously apply programming principles like SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, etc.
  • You yearn to be more than a mere executor, look for ways to inform the overall direction of the products you work on, and actively participate in sketching an implementation plan that focuses on value delivery with a well-derisked approach.

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