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Remote (Full remote)
Sales Engineer

What are the role responsibilities?

  • Technical Expertise: Understand the technical intricacies of Optimism’s Layer 2 solution. Be well-versed in how Superchain works, their benefits, and their integration with Ethereum mainnet.
  • Client Engagement: Engage with potential clients, partners, and dApp developers. Articulate the value proposition of Optimism’s technology and how it can address their scalability challenges.
  • Solution Presentations: Deliver compelling presentations and demonstrations to showcase how Optimism’s Layer 2 solution can enhance their dApps. Highlight cost savings, improved transaction speeds, and reduced gas fees.
  • Requirements Gathering: Collaborate with clients to understand their specific needs and pain points. Translate these requirements into technical solutions using Optimism’s offerings.
  • Proof of Concept (PoC): Work closely with development teams to create PoCs that demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of integrating with Optimism. Provide technical guidance during the PoC phase.
  • Documentation: Create clear and concise documentation for clients, including integration guides, best practices, and FAQs related to Optimism’s technology.
  • Training and Support: Train clients on how to implement and maintain Optimism’s Layer 2 solution. Provide ongoing technical support during the integration process.

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