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Remote (Full remote)
Blockchain Engineer

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Design and build applications built on various blockchains, with a primary focus on EVM compatible chains
  • Develop, test, and deploy secure smart contracts
  • Debug and optimize smart contracts
  • Work on full-stack engineering solutions that integrate with or built on top of blockchains.
  • Extract and process data from the blockchain
  • Develop scripts & tools to automate or improve blockchain interaction
  • Collaborate with other engineers and teams, both internally and externally
  • Stay updated with new developments and technology in the blockchain space

Technical Skills:

  • Excellent programming skills, C# and Python preferred but will also consider other tech stacks (e.g., Rust, GO, Java, Kotlin)
  • Ability to implement efficient algorithms and design complex data structures
  • An understanding of good software architecture and engineering process
  • Ability to write clean, testable, and maintainable code without over-engineering
  • Strong computer science background
  • Proficient in Solidity programming language with extensive experience in developing complex smart contracts. Familiar with toolings such as Foundry, Hardhat or Remix. Other languages will be also considered (e.g Cairo, MOVE)
  • Deep understanding of Ethereum blockchain architecture
  • Understanding of the DeFi landscape, including lending protocols, DEXs, yield farming, and stablecoins
  • Experience in developing off-chain applications that integrate with web3 protocols, using libraries such as Web3.js and ethers.js.

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