Remote Jobs on AfriSplash Remotely

Remote Jobs on AfriSplash Remotely

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Remote (Full remote)
Developer Advocate


  • Technical Proficiency: At least 2 years of software engineering experience with a good grasp of multiple programming languages and development tools

  • Exceptional Communication: Outstanding ability to articulate complex technical concepts clearly and engagingly in both written and verbal forms

  • Social Media Management: Demonstrated experience in managing social media accounts, particularly Twitter, with a focus on engaging and growing an online community around technology

  • Collaboration: Strong capability to work effectively within a diverse, global team, with experience in remote collaboration tools and practices being a plus

  • Adaptive Learning: An eager learner with the ability to rapidly adapt in a fast-paced tech environment, understanding developer workflows and challenges

  • Content Creation Skills: Proven track record in creating engaging technical content and code demos

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